Last couple of weeks, I’ve been having dreams about babies. Sweet babies, all mine, in all different colors and sizes – no joke. It felt weird as I haven’t been thinking of having another child, nor did mother nature… In the dreams, I was holding the babies and felt so happy and joyous like I’ve never been before. It made me go to my picture albums and look at my real baby. This picture you saw on my Facebook just made me feel elated. More than that, it totally hit me with what these dreams symbolize to me. I realized I’m going through a rebirth, renaissance. I’m reinventing myself, right at the midst of those chaotic times.

I have always been an introvert. Sharing my life on Facebook is hard for me. No, nobody makes me post anything, and when I do it comes from a very deep place of passion and inspiration.  It is almost like I have to. My beautiful baby girl has inspired me to grow, to become wiser, to adopt patience, to see the whole picture, and most importantly, not to judge anyone or anything.  For 14 years she has been teaching me so much. You see, life comes at you from many different angles all the time, and if we don’t grow they become more and more difficult. I have a busy life, but who doesn’t? I work at 3 jobs, I take care of my kids, that include 2 human beings (one of them is over 50…) and 4 four legged creatures. Wow that’s 22 legs!  Things happen all the time, it is what you do with it, and how you do it that matters.

Don’t we all wish to be at that place of peace, and loving what we do? Knowing why we are here, and why our life looks the way they do?

That baby is my driving force. I am more than blessed and grateful to have her and sometimes I wish she would still be, soft, quiet, innocent and soothing as she is in that very precious picture… J

This is my renaissance. This is where I offer you a puddle of support in the vast ocean of Covid19 Insanity.  So, don’t procrastinate anymore, connect, vent and ask for help. It’s here. Whether you are struggling with XYZ or CTD, this is the place to unwind and relax, simplify things and learn new coping skills that will guide you for life.

Welcome to my renaissance.

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